Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Product + Packaging Design: RAW Iced Tea

This was a project for Product and Packaging class with Robynne Raye (Modern Dog) as the instructor. Each of the students was assigned a target audience and the goal was to develop a new sub-brand with a mission to contribute to the quality of health and well being of people and our planet. 

My assigned target market was health conscious consumers between the ages of 25 to 45. 
One of the newest and most popular trends in the both the food and beverage industry is fresh, all natural, and organic products, with green, harmless to the environment packaging. Relaxing, healthy (rich in antioxidants), holistic, and serene are the words that best describe the increasingly popular tea beverages. The packaging is reflecting this in the design as well as in the materials; recycled and recyclable glass bottles and cardboard. 

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Study-Based Info Graphic Poster

This poster was based on a study done by a psychology student who suffered from anxiety and depression. She documented the subjects of her dreams before and after she began taking Zoloft. The silhouette represents the student, while the text represents different themes that appeared in the dreams. The colors seperated the before and after results of taking Zoloft.

The Raveonettes - Illustrated Show Poster


This poster was created for Illustration in the Market class, instructed by Junichi Tsuneoka. It only uses two colors (pink and black) in order to save cost for a client who might want to get it screen printed. The poster combines hand-done illustration and type, with digital elements such as type and coloring.